Monique Jansen started with photography about 10 years ago.

I quickly discovered I like to combine three essential elements in my photography.

I play with light and shadow to sculpt meaning, giving a two dimensional medium the illusion of having three dimensions. I work with light in order to define the subject, and seek shadow to conceal it.

I do not want to be intrusive, or call attention to myself in any way. I photograph people, places, and the natural world in the light that is there, to tell the story as best I can.


Expressive photography also makes the most out of color. Color not only attracts the eye and stimulates our senses, but it also can represent or symbolize ideas that can help us convey ideas to others. To use color effectively, you must consciously look for it – not just take it for granted. You must not only look for specific colors but also how they work (or don’t work) together. Color must be carefully selected and used


The interplay of light, shadow and color not only gives a two-dimensional medium the illusion of having three dimensions, but it can also illuminate the tactile nature of surfaces by emphasizing the meaning of texture.”